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Aklaro is pretty much new breeding kennel that is located in Belgrade, Serbia, we have been FCI registered in 2008, registration number 4764. We have started to take interest in Samoyeds in 2004, ever since sweet polo bear Celtix Moon-Aki has arived in our home. As he was growing, we were trying to find out as much we could in regards to this breed type. We read lots of literature, visited many exibitions within our country and overseas, we wanted to know everything about their movement, characteristics and looks of these wonderful type of dogs. We were even visiting many websites of succesful overseas breeders and we are still keeping a close contact with them even now.

We believe that every new litter has to be brought up with a positive aim, pets need to be healthy with a lovely temperament, friends of entire family. We want to bring up the excellent exibition dogs and also we want them to grow up in great exibition dogs, with perfect characteristics in order to represent this type of breed. Also there is a great importance of the working quality and we want to bring the best in breeding so that the best quality could be passed onto the next generation.

It is also very important to us dog inteligence,just like his heart as well. We strongly believe that every house pet should be sterilised, so that breeding of such dogs should be left to people who would give their heart and soul to the purity of Samoyed, stability and responsibility to the public. Anyone who thinks of breeding should take into consideration the great responsibility and their full dogs devotion. We believe that Samoyed shuld be physically strong, greatly balanced in mind and body, beautiful and should be moving like a wind. We are still searching for perfect Samoyed and that determination makes us look even further ahead.

Thank you for visiting our website! Best wishes from Aklaro Kennel Samoyeds!